Tilting Trailers

Tilting Trailers

Different machinery calls for different equipment. Rainbow trailers realize this, which is exactly why you can opt for a tilting deck trailer as opposed to a car and equipment trailer.  Built for quality and built for business, a Rainbow tilting deck trailer makes loading a breeze as it negates the need for a ramp.  Rainbow trailers offer both a tilt, as well as a partial tilt depending on your loading needs.  Here is a closer look at both types.

Full Tilt Deck Trailer

This quality deck trailer looks similar to the Rainbow car and equipment trailer, but differs in the way you load up.  While a ramp would be needed with the car and equipment trailer, this version simply tilts down with a few pumps of the hydraulic jack so you can drive or roll your cargo directly onto the trailer.  Loading cars and equipment will be a breeze with this deck trailer.  If your needs are a bit heavier then you can choose the heavy duty version of the tilt deck trailer. 

Partial Tilt Trailer

This trailer is designed to make hauling your skid steer and attachments simple and easy. This trailer comes with a 4' stationary deck in front anda 18' gravity tilting deck. Drop and pickup your attachments on the stationary deck so they do not have to tilt up and down with your skid steer andback quickly off to start the job. The Partial Tilt trailer operates with a hydraulic cylinder to cushion the gravity ride so you simply drive on and off the trailer - no hand jack required.

Built in Canada since 1991, Rainbow trailers are 100% Canadian made at the Rainbow factory in Canada.  If you have been looking for a trailer and need something easier to use, then perhaps a Rainbow tilt deck trailer or partial tilt trailer is what you need.

Standard Features
Available Options
Specifications by Model
Specificaitons by GVW

Specifications subject to change without notice

Standard Features

Tilting   Partial Tilting  

2" painted spruce floor

yes yes

2 5/16" Ball Coupler

yes yes

Easy Lube spring axles

yes no

7000 lb Easy Lube Torflex axles

no yes

4 Leaf Double Eye Suspensions

yes no

5 Leaf Slipper Suspensions (14,000 lb GVW)

yes no

6" Channel Frame & Hitch

yes yes

3" Channel Cross members

yes yes

Radial tires

yes yes

Metal preparation by sandblasting

yes yes

2 Part Epoxy primer

yes yes

High quality black topcoat paint

yes yes

Stone Guard Protection

yes yes

Silver Graphics Package

yes yes

Front bump rail

yes yes

Heavy Duty Stake Pockets

yes yes

Safety Chains (Compliant with SAE Standards)

yes yes

DOT Compliant Electric Breakaway Kit

yes yes

DOT Compliant Rubber mounted sealed beam lights

yes yes

9x72 Teardrop fenders with liner

yes yes


yes yes

Wiring enclosed in poly conduit

yes yes

7 Prong RV Plug

yes yes

Hydraulic Jack for raising & lowering deck

yes no

Available Options

Standard Feature= Standard Feature

Axle & Tire Options

Tilting Partial Tilting

9,900 lb GVWR - Tandem 5,200 lb axles


14,000 lb GVWR - Tandem 7,000 lb axles


Torflex Axle Upgrade


Upgrade to G Range 14 Ply Tires (14,000 lb GVWR trailer)

Spare Tire

Spare Tire Holder

Aluminum Wheel Upgrade

Coupler & Jack Options

2 5/16" Height Adjustable Coupler


Height Adjustable Pintle Ring

Upgrade to 7K Jack (7,000 lb GVWR trailer)


Upgrade to 12K Jack (9,900 & 14,000 lb GVWR trailer)


Other Options

Rub rail


L.E.D Lights Upgrade

Upgrade to Diamond Plate Fenders


Excursion   Partial Tilt
 7K GVW 8318M 8320M
 9.9K GVW 8518M 8520M 8522M
 14K GVW 8720M 8722M 8P7T22M

Overall Length

23' 5" 25' 10" 27' 10" 27' 10"

Deck Length Inc/30" Dove

18' 7" 20' 7" 22' 7" 22' 7"

Overall Width

8' 6" 8' 6" 8' 6" 8' 6"

Between Fenders

81 1/2" 81 1/2" 81 1/2" 81 1/2"

Hitch Weight (Aprox.)

340 lbs. 360 lbs 465 lbs. 465 lbs.

Hitch Height (Aprox.)

19" 20" 23" 20"

Ball Size

2 5/16" 2 5/16" 2 5/16" 2 5/16" H/A

Curb Weight 7K GVW

2090 lbs 2200 lbs N/A N/A

Curb Weight 9.9K GVW

2200 lbs 2275 lbs 2410lbs N/A

Curb Weight 14K GVW

NA 2700 lbs 2790 lbs. 2790 lbs.

Payload Capacity 7K GVW

5400 lbs. 5280 lbs N/A N/A

Payload Capacity 9.9K GVW

8470 lbs 8380 lbs 7820 lbs N/A

Payload Capacity 14K GVW

NA 12,430 lbs 12,330 lbs 12,330 lbs


Both Axles Both Axles Both Axles Both Axles

Frame & A-Frame Hitch

6" Channel 6" Channel 6" Channel 6" Channel

Electrical Hook-up

RV Plug RV Plug RV Plug RV Plug


2" Spruce 2" Spruce 2" Spruce 2" Spruce

    Partial Tilt
 7000 GVW9,900 GVW14,000 GVW14,000 GVW


2-3500 lb. 2-5200 lb. 2-7000 lb. 2-7000 lb.


7000 lb 10,400 lb 14,000 lb 14,000 lb

Bolt Pattern

5-45 Bolt 6-55 Bolt 8-65 Bolt 8-65 Bolt


15" C Range 15" D Range 16" E Range 16" E Range


6 Ply 8 Ply 10 Ply 10 Ply

Available Deck Lengths

18' - 20' 18' - 22' 20' - 22' 18' Plus 4' Stat

Deck Height Spring

22" 23" 26" N/A

Deck Height Torflex

19" 20" 23" 23"

Frame & Hitch

6" Channel 6" Channel 6" Channel 6" Channel


3" Channel 3" Channel 3" Channel 3" Channel

Crossmember Spacing

24" 24" 16" 16"


2 5/16" 2 5/16" 2 5/16" 2 5/16" H/A


2000 lb
7000 lb
Drop Leg
7000 lb
Drop Leg
12,000 lb
Drop Leg