Dump Trailers

Dump Trailer

Does your business call for the hauling and dumping of materials? If you have tried doing this with a pickup truck then you know how time consuming it can be to place items into the bed one by one, then having to remove them one by one. If you need a quality dump trailer that is built for business and hard work, then you need to check out Rainbow trailer’s dump trailer. Here is a closer look.

You may want to purchase this dump trailer based on looks alone, but don’t let that fool you because this trailer not only looks great, but it performs great as well. To start off, the metal preparation is started off by Sandblasting. It then gets an epoxy primer undercoat followed up by high quality top coat paint. The silver graphics give it a sleek look that matches well with any vehicle towing it to a job site.

The wiring enclosed in polyconduit offer a properly functioning trailer wiring and lighting for many years to come and was designed with the Canadian climate and working conditions in mind.

Slide in ramps make these trailers ideal for loading and hauling your equipment, and store conveniently under the trailer when not in use. These together with the standard D-rings in the floorgive you the ability to use this trailer as a handy dump trailer or a flat deck trailer with complete ease. The two-way tailgate features rear double doors and spreadergate combo, allowing for fast and easy unloading of your materials. The scissor lift hoist makes dumping and offloading as easy as possible.

Rainbow's scissor lift hoists offer a substantially more stable lifting mechanism, as well as offering a more durable trailer to last for years and years. While the scissor lift may cost a little more it is really the right way to go. To ensure it keeps working, Rainbow installs a premium Deep Cycle battery on all dump trailers as standard equipment to power the hydraulic pack. This helps to ensure years of reliability for your dump trailer. Nothing would be worse than finding your system is dead when it comes time for you to offload.

Whether your business calls for you to haul sand, dirt or otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a Rainbow dump trailer. These trailers are built tough and strong because Rainbow knows your business depends on it. When it comes to manufacturing, Rainbow doesn’t cut corners in building these trailers. These trailers are quality built for businesses just like yours. Don’t put your business at risk, by purchasing cheaper trailers made at a lower standard than Rainbow’s. When it comes to quality trailers, you know that you can count on the Rainbow trailer line. Get your dump trailer from Rainbow today and see the difference.

Standard Features
Available Options

Specifications subject to change without notice

Standard Features

12 Gauge Steel floor (9,900 lb GVW)


7 Gauge Steel floor (14,000 lb GVW)


D-rings for securing load


24" High Formed 7 Gauge Steel Sides


2 5/16" Ball Coupler


2 5/16" Height Adjustable Coupler (14,000 lb GVW)


2 - Easy Lube spring axles


4 Leaf Double Eye Suspensions


5 Leaf Slipper Suspensions (14,000 lb GVW)


6" Channel Frame & Hitch


8" Channel Frame (14,000 lb GVW)


Radial tires


Metal preparation by sandblasting


2 Part Epoxy primer


High quality black topcoat paint


Stone Guard Protection


Silver Graphics Package


Heavy Duty Stake Pockets


Safety Chains (Compliant with SAE Standards)


DOT Compliant Electric Breakaway Kit


DOT Compliant Rubber mounted sealed beam lights


Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Steel Formed Fenders


5' Rear slide in ramps


6' Rear slide in ramps (14,000 lb GVW)


Wiring enclosed in poly conduit


7 Prong RV Plug


2 - Way End Gate - Barn Door / Spreader Gate


Scissor Lift Hoist


Greaseable Hinge Points


Available Options

Standard Feature= Standard Feature

Axle & Tire Options


14,000 lb GVWR - Tandem 7000 lb axles (8" Channel Frame)

Torflex Axle Upgrade

Upgrade to G Range 14 Ply Tires (14,000 lb GVWR trailer)

Spare Tire

Spare Tire Holder

Aluminum Wheel Upgrade

Coupler & Jack Options


Upgrade to 2 5/16" Height Adjustable Coupler (9,900 lb GVW)

Upgrade to Height Adjustable Pintle Ring

Upgrade to 12K Jack (9,900 lb GVWR trailer)

Other Options


Rub rail

Extra D-rings

L.E.D Lights Upgrade

Roll Tarp

Aluminum Tarp Shroud


  D7X10A25M D7X12A25M D7X14A25M  
    D7X12A27M D7X14A27M D7X16A27M

Overall Length

15' 1" 17' 1" 19' 1" 21' 1"

Box Length

10' 2" 12' 2" 14' 2" 16' 2"

Overall Width

8' 6" 8' 6" 8' 6" 8' 6"

Box Width

81 5/8" 81 5/8" 81 5/8" 81 5/8"

Overall Height

48" - 49" 48" - 49" 48" - 49" 48" - 49"

Deck Height 9.9K GVW

22" - 23" 22" - 23" 22" - 23" N/A

Deck Height 14K GVW

N/A 24"-25" 24"-25" 24"-25"

Box Height

24" 24" 24" 24"

Hitch Height

15" 15" 15" 15"

Hitch Weight 9.9k GVWR (Empty)

242 lbs 253 lbs 264 lbs N/A

Hitch Weight 14K GVWR (Empty)

N/A 530 lbs. 550 lbs. 570 lbs.

Ball Size 9.9K GVWR

2 5/16" 2 5/16" 2 5/16" N/A

Ball Size 14K GVWR

N/A 2 5/16" H/A 2 5/16" H/A 2 5/16" H/A


10,400 lbs 10,400 lbs 10,400 lbs N/A


N/A 14,000 lbs 14,000 lbs 14,000 lbs


9,900 lbs 9,900 lbs 9,900 lbs N/A


N/A 14,000 lbs 14,000 lbs 14,000 lbs

Curb Weight 9.9K GVWR

2,932 lbs 3208 lbs 3,483 lbs N/A

Curb Weight 14K GVWR

N/A 4,347 lbs 4,623 lbs 4,920 lbs

Payload Capacity 9.9K GVWR

7,958 lbs 7,682 lbs 7,407 lbs N/A

Payload Capacity 14K GVWR

N/A 10,615 lbs 10,315 lbs 9,990 lbs


Both Axles Both Axles Both Axles Both Axles

Tires 9.9K GVWR

225/75R15D 225/75R15D 225/75R15D N/A

Tires 14K GVWR

N/A 235/80R16E 235/80R16E 235/80R16E

Wheels 9.9K GVWR

6-55 Bolt 6-55 Bolt 6-55 Bolt N/A

Wheels 14K GVWR

N/A 8-65 Bolt 8-65 Bolt 8-65 Bolt

A-Frame Hitch

6" Channel 6" Channel 6" Channel 6" Channel

Frame 9.9K GVWR

6" Channel 6" Channel 6" Channel N/A

Frame 14K GVWR

N/A 8" Channel 8" Channel 8" Channel

Jack 9.9K GVWR

7k Drop Leg 7k Drop Leg 7k Drop Leg N/A

Jack 14K GVWR

N/A 12K Drop Leg 12K Drop Leg 12K Drop Leg

Electrical Hook-up

RV Plug RV Plug RV Plug RV Plug

Floor & Side Walls 9.9K GVWR

12 Gauge Steel 12 Gauge Steel 12 Gauge Steel N/A

Floor & Side Walls 14K GVWR

N/A 7 Gauge Steel 7 Gauge Steel 7 Gauge Steel