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Rainbow backs their product with rest assuring 5 Year Structural Warranty, and components are backed by the manufacturers warranty accordingly. This gives you the confidence that your trailer is built right and backed confidently. For the full warranty please read:

General Warranty Conditions and Restrictions
1. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Any changes to this warranty must be in writing and signed by an authorized Rainbow Trailer Inc ( RTI) representative to be valid.
2. This limited warranty is given in respect of a special purpose trailer vehicle built upon a chassis with certain components supplied by other manufacturers. This warranty applies to components manufactured by RTI but does not apply to components or equipment supplied by any other manufacturer. Any components supplied byanother manufacturer shall not be covered by this warranty but RTI agrees to assign the warranty of that manufacturer to the purchaser to the extent that is possible.
3. RTI warrants that the services to be provided by RTI pursuant to a purchase order will be provided with reasonable skill and care and the goods to be provided by RTI pursuant to this agreement will be of reasonable quality. The purchaser must report any deficiency in the goods or services provided by RTI, in writing, within thirty (30) days following the performance of the services or the supply of the goods, in order to receive warranty remedies. For any breach of the said warranty, the purchaser's exclusive remedy and RTI's entire liability will be, at RTI's option, either: (i) repair of the goods, or (ii) replacement of the goods.
4. This warranty is limited to any RTI component warranted hereunder, which fails during normal use by the first owner. The warranty is not assignable or transferable by the purchaser to any party without the express written consent of RTI which consent may be unreasonably witheld.
5. Any and all warranty claims are f.o.b. the factory at Cartwright, Manitoba or the nearest RTI approved warranty centre.
6. This limited warranty shall be invalidated if the trailer is not properly maintained according to usual industry standards and used in service which is normal to the particular trailer.
7. The RTI limited warranty shall be invalidated by: damages from lack of cleaning and regular maintenance, extreme exposure to road de-icing chemicals, acidic environments, acts of god, negligence, theft, vandalism, misuse, unauthorized repair or trailers that are not stored properly.
8. The amounts to be paid to RTI by the purchaser pursuant to any purchase order do not include any assumption of risk. The purchaser agrees that if RTI shall at any time be found to be in default of the purchase order, the liability of RTI to the purchaser for damages shall be limited as follows:
(a) the purchaser's exclusive remedy shall be at RTI’s option:
(i) repair of the goods supplied;
(ii) replacement of the goods supplied;
(b) in no event shall any claim include, nor shall RTI be liable for, any economic, special, indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages including but not limited to lost profits, lost business revenue, or failure to realize expected savings or any damages claimed against the purchaser by any third party, whether such damages are claimed under contract, tort, breach of statute, or any other legal theory;
(c) in no event shall RTI be liable for any loss, injury or damages arising from the act or omission of any third parties; and
(d) RTI shall not be liable for any injury or death of any person or damage to any property caused by the purchaser's actions, failure to act, negligence or willful conduct, nor for any liability of the purchaser.
Specific warranty conditions
Body of the trailer warranty RTI warranties the entire frame and welding of the trailer body (subject to the restrictions set out herein) against manufacture defects for a period of five (5) years.
Limited Warranty Exceptions
Without limiting the foregoing, this warranty does not apply to:
A) any component supplied by another manufacturer; including paint
B) repair required as a result of failure to properly care for or maintain this trailer;
C) fire, accident, abuse, or negligence;
D) any component manufactured by RTI modified without express written approval from RTI;
E) parts or components exposed to salt water;
F) any parts or components or the whole trailer that has been subjected to any chemicals, additives or over pressurization;
G) over loading of trailers in excess gross vehicle load ratings stated on the certificate plate;
H) where installed on vehicles not in proper condition or approved for towing;
I) where the party has extended the original structure;
J) where the trailer has been utilized to pull or push the towing vehicle;
K) where trailer has been used as a jacking point:
L) where trailer was attached to the towing vehicle by anything with or in place of an approved ball:
M) where trailer was used to tow multiple trailers; and
N) where trailer was utilized in such a way that is against the standards established by RTI and the
trailer industry.
model___________________________ serial #__________________
Dated this ___________ day of ______________________________ 20_____.
I have read and understood and accept the foregoing and acknowledge that the limited warranty is a contract between
RTI and the Customer.